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I'm currently having a flare-up. What can I do to relieve symptoms fast?

This is a great question and I remember being in this dilemma a handful of times. When experiencing Chrohn's or colitis symptoms, it is important to monitor what you put into your body. Whether it's medication or food, our bodies will react positively or negatively. 

To address the question, I would be to stop eating and let your body recuperate. This process is known as fasting. If it's your first time fasting, I would not fast longer than 16 hours. It's important not to overwhelm your body. From there, slowly implement foods that are easy to digest. At all costs, I would AVOID raw vegetables and grains. From my experience, the antinutrients and fiber tear apart my stomach and have caused immense pain for me.

Personally, I would stick to animal foods and organic fruit. Animal foods like eggs, butter, ghee, chicken, pork, beef, and lamb generally work well with people who suffer from Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD). The logic behind eating more animal products is that they do NOT contain antinutrients that plants do. Animals have claws to protect themselves, not defense chemicals. 

If you're going to eat fruit, make sure you're being moderate (<50 grams daily). I say this for one major reason. It's not necessarily the antinutrients or fiber that is the issue, it is the chance you may overconsume sugar. Sugar from fruit is by no means unhealthy, but if you eat too much, it can be counterproductive to your health. Sugar feeds pathogenic bacteria and yeast. The imbalance of "bad" pathogenic bacteria can lead to decreased immunity and less nutrient absorption. Additionally, it leads to increased sugar cravings which can perpetuate this destructive cycle.

Topic starter Posted : 05/12/2020 4:34 pm