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Will I still be able to enjoy delicious foods when managing Crohn's or colitis?

Yes, you undoubtedly will. But once you change your food choices, your body will have a new standard for what "delicious" food is. Before my diagnosis, I had an incredibly immoderate diet. I would eat tons of processed foods for weeks and I would attempt to remedy the issue by eating tons of vegetables in order to "make up for the damage." This was not good for my health and terribly destructive cycle to be in. At this period of my life, I would probably have defined a "delicious food" as "Chips Ahoy or Oreo Cookies." 

Now fast forward to the present day. I've removed these impurities from my diet. As a consequence, I would say that my pallet is more refined and takes pleasure in more unique cuisine and flavor profiles. For example, I really enjoy raw cheese, meats, eggs, and occasional smoked salmon. These are generally the foods I crave on a daily basis. If I'm craving something sweet, I can create delicious desserts with stevia instead of sugar. 

I like to enjoy calculated cheat meals a few times during the week. At Sprout's grocery store, they have a sugar-free coconut ice cream that I really enjoy. It's sweetened with monk fruit and erythritol (two sugar-free natural sweeteners). It does not contain any vegetable oils, refined sugar, or excess fiber. I enjoy it as a treat a few times per week and it is delicious. 

All-in-all, your standard of what is "delicious" will change over time. Especially, when you experiment with new foods.  

Topic starter Posted : 04/12/2020 4:17 pm